Whānau Challenge #4

Lewis' creature is called the Alleygater; an Alleygater hides in alleyways waiting to devour his next victim.

Luca's whānau

Chloe's whānau and the tropical island/motu and ocean/moana habitat for dolphins, turtles, octopus, seahorse and a unikitty-dragon

Hunta's whānau

Eve's habitat for her new Sylvainian baby

Maia's animals were wandering around and they saw a broken down house so they fixed it (building in the middle) and built (from left to right) a flying boat, a car, a hover board, and a normal non flying boat.

Torin's busy street. This is where people want to be - that’s why it’s so busy!

Zach's Crocodile habitat

Salo's crocodile habitat

Grayson's whānau looking after Santa and the reindeer.

Jack's secret house where robbers and bad guys go to have a meeting to talk about their plans. Their dog is a guard dog named Sam.

Jemila's dragon lair.

Noah's jungle habitat.

Mae and Pala's


Aria's monkey enclosure.

Zuzu's Australian fire biome.

Ari's cave biome.

Once upon a time in a forest far far away there were 15 monkeys living in a magical tree. One night a great storm broke a branch of the tree so the monkeys started looking for carrot fruits and diamond blueberries to fix the tree. Can you find the fruits?

By Theo and Finn

Lucinda's Lego T Rex and habitat.

Angus' clock tower.

Mia's dog that lives in this little house with his beard friend.

Ruby's habitat.

Toby's whānau and the spider cave/lair

Sienna's whānau.

Bodhi and India's whānau.