hero updates & information

Our student management system is HERO. 

To log in please follow this link: https://hero.linc-ed.com/.

HERO is an online software designed to build year on year so that you have access to comments, assessments, images and helpful resources in one place.

We believe that reporting to parents should be a natural part of the teaching and learning process and that the changing demands of our education mean that the traditional methods of reporting to parents no longer fit well with our current practices. This will allow us to show photos and videos of children’s learning and allow child and parent reflections. It will allow us to share information between home and school throughout the year rather than waiting for mid-year and end of year reports.

You can login to HERO on any device and in it's upgraded form is best viewed on the app which you can download for free at the app store.

If you need to set up an account, or have lost your password, click on ‘Lost your password’.  This will take you through the process.  Please note that you need to use the email address that you have provided the school. If you have any issues accessing what you need, please contact us at office@waiheke.school.nz