Polos, sweatshirts, hats, PE tops, blouses/shirts and jackets are available to purchase from the school office.

Students are required to wear black shorts/skorts/trousers.  The school no longer sells these items, except for limited stock available at reduced prices.  Second-hand uniform is available for a koha - please enquire at the office.  

Wide-brimmed hats are worn during terms 1 and 4. Children without a hat will be seated in the shade areas during morning and lunch breaks and outside activities.

For health and safety reasons, the only jewellery to be worn is a wristwatch and small plain studs or sleepers, if ears are pierced.

Sports shirts are compulsory items for Year 7-8 students.

The school endeavours to provide basic sports uniforms for children in representative teams (e.g. netball, rugby, soccer.) Sets will be issued and collected afterwards to be washed on an organised basis.

There is no strict colour required for footwear, however, jandals and boots are not acceptable. In winter, footwear may be kept on indoors to prevent cold feet. Winter shoes should be suitable for running in. Shoes must be worn on class trips and on Road Patrol Duty. 

Prices are as follows:

Polo                 $42

Sweatshirt      $75

Sunhat            $15


PE top             $40

Shirt/blouse  $42

Jacket (black) $80