Whānau Challenge #10

Fun with Haiku

Sourdough baking

When will the postman arrive

More Netflix tonight

  • Emily Campbell ( London)

The fish aren't biting

Please let it be the weekend

biking every day.

  • Noah Ogilve ( Waiheke )

Must not be afraid

behind gleaming yellow eyes

soft white beauty lays

  • Charlie Bolser Catlin ( inspired by his siamese cat)
Page 0 2020-04-30 - 11-18.pdf
  • Gus Stanfield
my hair grew curly.pdf
  • Nicola Bowman

i am a dummy..pdf
  • Ahi Bowman

Lockdown is trying.

Is 10 too early to drink?

Children STOP FIGHTING !!!

Why COVID? Why now?

Homeschool is wasting my life.

Will it ever end?

A month without friends....

I’m addicted to the screen

Years of therapy.

13 Lockdown starts.

Tik Tok, Tik Tok time passes.

Teen monster is born.

Where has daddy gone?

House, garden, tanks are all fixed.

He still won’t come in.

  • A collection from Simes Whānau
Add a subheading.pdf
  • Ahi Bowman

Watching stars daily

They shine bright like a Diamond

Fire in the sky

Cycling in lockdown

Around the rocky bay loop

It is so much fun

  • Harriet Mew

George Jayne Poppy say

Kia orana everyone

Love life meitaki

Dreaming of Raro

I like pina coladas

Time to fill my glass

A challenge for some

Can you say conscientious?

Or worcestershire sauce?

Poppy says hello

Movies work art games and more

Eat sleep work repeat

  • George, Jayne and Poppy

Walking crunching leaves

autumn whispering splendid

golden fluttering

  • Olives Mum

World turns day to night,

unseen arrives changes us all

nobody predicts tomorrow

  • Olives Dad